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Latest News

  • Mr Thumbudorai - R.I.P 

It is with deep sadness we learned of the passing of former DGH teacher Mr Thumbudorai, on Saturday 30th. January, 2021. He was a great mathematician and a breath of fresh air in the class room for many who struggled with the subject! A former pupil acknowledged his time as a pupil of "Thumbu" thus: "Mr. Thumbudorai, who taught us that maths is all about using the head and that even thumbs have no use much less the calculators on which we now depend."

GO offer their deepest condolences to his family and friends.





  • NAMASTE 2021 !

OGB Shradha, an ex student from Dr Graham’s Homes, has produced a beautiful greeting to usher in 2021 ! The essence of this musical project highlights the greeting ‘Namaste’ and unites the world visually in a heart-warming video that features a mosaic of people from over 35 countries. The final message at the end of the video is a message from our own GO's Committee member Thuten Kesang.

  • Current list of DGH BOM Members.

You can see the 18 members of the DGH Board of Management (BOM) and their profiles here.

  • The DGH School official Facebook Page.


Among other postings & comments, the FB page includes the following information: 

- The West Bengal Governors visit to DGH

- Visit to the KGM chapel by the Chief Eng, PWD.

- Return to DGH of students from Kolkata

- 2021 School Admissions notice 


  • December GO Newsletter

The Chairman has released the latest update of GO and Homes News. You can read it here.

  • GO Representation on the DGH BOM

A key objective of the GO founders was to position an OGB, representing the views of GO and its members, on the DGH Board of Manaement (BOM). GO was therefore delighted to nominate Pauline Sapphire-Singh (nee Brooks) following an invitation from the new BOM President, in October. GO is proud of its achievement and congratulates Pauline on her historic appointment.

  • GO Management Committee

Following a GO Committee mandate, GO welcomed two new members to its management team in October. OGBs Babita Chakravarty, from New Delhi, India and Sankasubha Roy, Dubai UAE were unanimously elected to the Committee and will join a committed and dedicated global team that currently numbers 14 members.

The current management team is listed here.

Global OGB Association (GO)

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GO is an independent voluntary body managed by former students of Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India. 


GO is about reconnecting alumni and enabling a constructive working relationship with the School’s Board of Management, its Administration and various global organisations to improve and safeguard the long term future of the Homes.


The association is open to all former students, teachers, staff and friends of Dr Graham’s Homes.

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