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Latest News

  • Adopt a Classroom project in progress!

Phase 1 of the Go Adopt A Classroom Project is nearing completion with 6 out of 12 classes being renovated completely. Above is an update video made by one of the OGB volunteers Jigme! Video, of course, accompanied by the school song!

  • Schools to re-open!

The West Bengal Government issued a directive signalling the re-opening of schools and colleges after 15th November 2021.


The BOM/Management have advised that Classes 9 through 12 will return to Dr Graham's Homes, with the rest of the year groups returning as soon as the Government permits.


Full Covid protocols will be in place for when the pupils return.

  • Classroom 6a Refurbished !​

One classroom delivered - 11 more to go!!


Led by Project leader Pauline Sapphire Singh (nee Brooks) a refurbished classroom with new desks, boards and brightly painted walls and floorboards was delivered to the school, fittingly on 24/9/21. GO hopes to deliver another 4 classrooms in the next three weeks! 


We are indebted to the OGB community and friends of Dr. Graham's Homes who donated generously towards the project. 


Images of the refurbished classroom can be found in the gallery page.

  • Adopt a Classroom Appeal !

The Homes remains closed as it follows Indian government COVID guidelines to restrict face to face teaching in the class room. The shortfall in school and boarding fees has considerably impacted the resources available to the Homes Management to maintain the fabric and infrastructure on the campus. GO, with the support of the Management, has launched the “ADOPT A CLASSROOM”  project to upgrade the furniture and the infrastructure of the classrooms. 

We are inviting you, as an individual OGB to “SPONSOR A DESK” or, as a joint batch effort, to “ADOPT A CLASSROOM”. We hope OGBs and Friends worldwide will support this fundraiser. Click here for more information about the programme and how you can donate.

  • GO Management Team Minutes - 21/8/21.

Read Minutes of the August Meeting. 

  • GO Management Committee.

Who is on the Committee? The following list contains profiles of the members as at October 2021.

  • Homes Birthday Appeal !

"Please, Please,

Remember, Remember,

The Birthday's September!

It's not too late,

To write and donate!"

The Revd. John Webster has spent some 50+ years fundraising for the Homes because he believes in the Homes and the goodness that can come out of this place.  To this day John continues his tireless service. Attached is his Birthday message and an appeal to OGBs.  ​



Global OGB Association (GO)

Kids copy.jpg

GO is an independent voluntary body managed by former students of Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India. 


GO is about reconnecting alumni and enabling a constructive working relationship with the School’s Board of Management, its Administration and various global organisations to improve and safeguard the long term future of the Homes.


The association is open to all former students, teachers, staff and friends of Dr Graham’s Homes.