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Global OGB Association (GO)

Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel Re-opens!


After some 13 years, following extensive restoration work by the West Bengal Heritage Commission, the chapel reopened its doors to worship and song on 11th. February 2024. The chapel, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Graham’s wife Katherine Graham and opened in 1924, was extensively damaged by an Earthquake in 2011 and considered unsafe after another quake in 2015. In 2018 the West Bengal Heritage Commission granted some Rs 5+ crores (ca £500k) towards its restoration. While minor refurbishment work continues, the school was able to hold its inaugural Sunday service on the 11th. welcoming the new academic year with a packed congregation - the sound of joyful song hitting the rafters could once again be heard at the Homes!


Psalm 23 sung in the Chapel for the first time in a decade!


Pauline Sapphire Singh (nee Brooks) rings the church bells

for OGBs help with the polishing!

GO, established in 2014, is an independent voluntary body managed by former students of Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India. In June 2021, GO was registered with the Govt. of India as an NGO.

GO is about reconnecting alumni and facilitating a constructive working relationship with the School’s Board of Management, the School Administration and various Global Organizations to improve and safeguard the long term future of the Homes.

GO seeks to work closely with its Membership to raise funds, which would be used under GO’s supervision to help improve and preserve the heritage of the Homes.

Restoration and renovation projects have been conducted by GO members, with OGB’s from across the years coming forward to assist both financially and physically.

GO encourages the millennium generation of OGBs to actively support the Homes, and take over the baton from the Senior OGBs, to ensure the continuity of the legacy of its founder Dr. J.A. Graham.

GO promotes itself as a secure and robust organization.  It can be entrusted to receive funds and legacies in support of the Homes, whilst maintaining complete transparency.

The Association is open to all former students, teachers and staff of Dr. Graham’s Homes.


OGB - Lucia King, Calcutta, Fraser

George passed away peacefully at Mary Potter Hospice, Wellington, New Zealand on 7th March 2024 , aged 77. George had been ill for sometime with cancer. We offer our deepest condolences to his family in New Zealand and in India.

George was a beneficiary of the Homes child sponsorship programme and in 2019 wrote “My time in Dr Graham’s Homes from 1946 to 1964 has been the only primary home I know or had. It has stood me in good stead, through welfare and good education, prepared me for life and success for over 70 years and it will always be my home.” Along with his school friend, the late Thuten Kesang, George, through the NZ DGH Committee, raised funds to support and sponsor children at the Homes. He was a recipient of the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) for his work with the Salvation Army.

The Chairman of GO Anirban Bhattacharyya, wrote the following obituary: “George Borthwick - there are many things I can say to describe him. But there's one sentence that really encapsulates his life - 'He was a Homes Boy’. Eternally grateful for the upbringing and the education that he received at Dr Graham's Homes Kalimpong, he dedicated his life giving back to his alma mater with abundant gratitude and love. Even in his final months - he raised money and donated a huge sum to the school via GO for the repair and renovation of the Jarvie Hall. George sought out every opportunity to talk about his school and to share his stories of Kalimpong and Calcutta with the world. Thuten Kesang and George Borthwick worked tirelessly and passionately for decades through the New Zealand Committee to sponsor children so that they too received a second chance in life. With the passing of both of them - an era has come to an end. Goerge was always jovial and smiling - positive and patient - and always the voice that was heard the least and yet when it was heard, it impacted the most. He wore his heart on his sleeve and we are all going to miss him terribly. From his friends and fellow OGBs at GO Global OGB Association - we wish him a peaceful journey back home. There is no pain now, there is no worry - my friend, you leave behind your legacy of love and philanthropy...  you have touched many lives and bettered them... and you leave us with your incredible memories. There’s a Māori whakatauki that says, “Kua hinga he totara i te wao nui a Tane.”  Translated, this ancient proverb says, “A totara has fallen in the forest of Tane.” The New Zealand totara tree is known for its size and contribution to the forest. Growing to heights taller than most and standing for hundreds of years, Māori believe it’s a tragedy when one falls in the forest. Today, we too express the deep pain and sadness in the passing of George who was a mighty totara tree in the OGB community. Farewell George! We all will miss you and we love you!!




George was behind the GO '2020 Year of the OGBs' fund raising initiative and in a 2018/19 promotional tour, he met with several OGBs during his visit to Kalimpong and Sikkim. Here he is in discussion with the Homes Headmaster, himself an OGB. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions the programme was cancelled but the funds raised allowed for substantial refurbishment of classrooms and infrastructure in the school campus.

Latest GO Management Committee Meeting Minutes.

Minutes of the 9th. February 2024, GO meeting can be accessed here. 

Appointment of new Member to the GO Management Committee 

Following the call for nominations to join the GO Committee in September, GO appointed OGB Arijit Mallick, a current member of the Homes JIRC Committee. Arijit is from Sydney, Australia and we congratulate him on his appointment. See Chairman's Message and the 2023-24 Committee Membership.


GO School Leavers Loan Scheme 

The scheme has been in operation for a numbers of years but there has been a limited take up by students leaving school and in pursuit of employment. The scheme is targeted at school leavers and college graduates who have been successful in job interviews but need assistance meeting the costs of job training and travel. The interest free loan is repayable monthly when the individual begins his salaried employment and at a mutually agreed level.

We would encourage DGH school leavers/college graduates to consider enrolling for a loan from the GO scheme which is interest free and cheaper than from any lending agencies. For details of the scheme, please click here.

A tribute to former Teachers & Headmaster!

OGB Dr. Barbara Ross, from the US, is the daughter of Cynthia and Donald Ross who were teachers and a Headmaster at the Homes. She saw GO's 'Adopt a Classroom' appeal and, along with family and friends, adopted Class X and funded its refurbishment. Following its refurbishment, she wrote "Senior Classroom No. 10 was rebuilt in memory of my Mum Cynthia, and Dad Donald, as they were dedicated teachers at the school during the 40's and 50's. It was an important period in their lives...they met there and my older brother and I were born there".

GO thanks Barbara, her family and friends for their support of the Homes and in particular for generously funding the refurbishment of Class X.

Ross Class X.jpg

GO Projects currently ongoing / planned for 2023.

GO Secretary Dawn Van Steenseel has provided the following list of projects, currently agreed for 2023. The projects will be overseen by OGB, GO & BOM Committee Member, Pauline Singh (nee Brooks). The Homes, in its 123rd. year, has ageing infrastructure that needs refurbishment and continuous maintenance. We are grateful for your generous donations which allows GO to undertake these important projects and seek your continued financial support in 2023.

GO Bike Fundraiser Event Success!

The bike event, a collaboration of GO and the UK DGH Committee, was successfully concluded in September with all eight riders arriving at the Homes safely ..... and physically intact! The multi national team raised some US$ 19k riding over a mountainous terrain in the Himalayan foothills awash with monsoon hit landslides. The ride began in the plains of Siliguri and peaked at a height of 8,000 ft in Pedong and finally headed down to Kalimpong, a mere 4500 ft. above sea level! Some 250+ friends sponsored the event and the funds raised will be allocated to building renovations and to sponsorship of new children at the Homes. Organised by OGB and GO Management Team member Tenzing Norsang (From Minnesota, US), the 240 miles over 4 days of riding took in some breathtaking and spectacular views of the Himalayas. GO thanks Tenzing and all the riders and supporters of the Bike Ride for their commitment and support of Dr. Graham's Homes. 

GO recommences refurbishment of Homes Cottages.

With the help of generous donors and support from the Homes Management, including the BOM, GO was able to refurbish 22 Classrooms in 2021/22. The School is now in full operation and all children are enjoying learning in a safe and modern classroom environment.

GO will now return to improving some of the cottages, many over a century old, that will require considerable funding to refurbish and modernise. Once again, we appeal to the OGBS and Friends of the Homes to support GO in this venture to improve the welfare of the Homes kids and donate generously. For more information and how to donate please click here.


Completion of the Phase 1 & 2 "Adopt a Classroom" Project.

Almost a year ago, GO launched an appeal to fund the "Adopt A Classroom" Project to refurbish classrooms in the junior and middle school (Queen Mary & Hornell Blocks). A total sum of ca 53 lacs (US $66k) was raised. A year later, GO is pleased to announce the completion of the refurbishment of 22 classrooms. 

GO would like to thank the many OGBs and Friends of Dr Graham's Homes for their very generous donations and support, which have allowed the Homes children to return to safer, brighter and healthier classrooms. Please click here for a statement from the GO Management following the completion of the project.

Dr Graham's Homes is open again!

The school re-opened on March 1st. after a ca 2 year COVID shutdown, to all students, including the boarders. State & Local COVID rules and guidelines continue to be strictly followed. Since September, GO has been refurbishing the classrooms in the Junior School Block. Most of the work on the block has been completed and students and teachers were delighted to find themselves in classrooms that had been modernised and refurbished in their absence!

Click here to read a report and an acknowledgement by GO's Sushil Marda, a key and active member of the Adopt A Classroom project. Below is a slide of images of the refurbished classrooms, under occupancy!

GO Management Committee.

Who is on the Committee? A list and profiles of the Management Team, as at February 2023, can be found on the About Us page.​​​​​

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Juniors return to refurbished Classrooms!

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The Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel

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