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Following the retirement of Dr GR Hart, Vice President Mr MS Calvert has assumed the Presidency of the Board of Management. In a statement he noted  he would hold fort until such time new committee members have been selected and a new President and Vice- President of the Board of Management inducted.

  • The DGH BOM President retires.

Dr. G.R. Hart announced her retirement from the Board of Management on 21st. September, 2020, having completed her 3 year term as President. She has served the BOM since 1995 as a member, Vice President and President. GO wishes Dr Hart well in her retirement and thanks her for her dedicated service to the Homes and for her support of GO.

joint letter from the GO Chairman and Patron was sent to Dr. Hart acknowledging her service to the Homes.. 


  • Online Classes at the Homes back on.

The following is a message from the GO Chairman.


The Homes Teachers have resumed online classes following a six week break due to a dispute with the Homes Management over a 6th pay commissions increase. Settlement discussions are ongoing.

The dispute has led to negative publicity of the Homes and caused alarm amongst the OGB’s. However, contrary to rumours and fear mongering by certain individuals, the school is not about to be shut down nor are there plans by the BOM to close the Homes. The alarm appears to have been generated by individuals misrepresenting a statement in the BOM letter to the Teachers dated August 27th 2020 “Through great difficulty we will pay the 50% of the existing salary due to the staff. Should the teachers not resume their online classes and continue to insist on an unreasonable demand, which is just not possible, then this will lead to an unwanted shutting down of the school".

As Chairman of GO, an alumni body of some 450+ plus OGBs and Supporters, I’m disappointed at the ‘anonymous’ individuals who have taken it on themselves to generate discord and fear amongst our passionate Homes loving community. The fear has been further exacerbated by the emergence of a poster on Facebook about the school shutting down. Let me remind all OGBs that The Homes has survived 2 World Wars, The Indo-Chinese War, a few earthquakes, 20 years of political agitations and more! The Homes is quite thick-skinned and the legacy of Graham will continue!

In recent weeks, GO has been calling for a settlement of the dispute by speaking to the Homes Management and the Teachers. GO is also aware that a wider, long term solution is necessary to make the Homes sustainable for another century. We have initiated a plan to discuss with the International Committees and the Homes Management, that we hope will lead to a robust improvement plan.

Anirban Bhattacharyya, GO Chairman

  • Is the iconic School gong under threat?

Spandan Manna is a DGH Class 5 student who has created an intelligent school bell at the Innovation Hub Centre at the  Kalimpong Science Centre. Spandan is a day-scholar who comes from a ‘computer’ family. His father, Dr. Manna, is a computer programmer with the computer department of Kalimpong Krishi Vishwavidyala; his mother works at the computer department of the BBA section of Kalimpong College. Spandan is a member of the DGH Science Club which is enrolled with the Innovation Hub of the Kalimpong Science Centre. In this video, Spandan explains his intelligent school ‘bell’. 

Will this bell replace the iconic gong that has hung for a lifetime outside the school office?​​

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GO is about reconnecting alumni and enabling a constructive working relationship with the School’s Board of Management, its Administration and various global organisations to improve and safeguard the long term future of the Homes.


The association is open to all former students, teachers, staff and friends of Dr Graham’s Homes.

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