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GO  Message and Update of Projects from Chairman.

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GO Chairman releases his third book!

"My memoir about the Homes and growing up in 1986 Kalimpong during the Gorkhaland agitation debuts at No 1 globally on the Amazon International site! This is huge for a small boy from Kalimpong who decided to tell the story of his school days to the world!"

- Anirban Bhattacharyya.

The Hills Are Burning can be bought from Amazon. 


Ray of Sunshine!

What a proud moment! Old Boy Raymond Cooke releases his autobiography! It is fabulous, funny, engaging and above all a story of an incredible journey of a little 'orphan' boy! A Must Read! Detailed chapters about his growing up in DGH will make you reminisce! Support the book - Proceeds of the book sales will go towards renovating the senior school classrooms under GO Adopt A Classroom Project!!! Amazing photographs included!!





Beating the drum for the Homes!

The school Band will be marching on Independence Day with some new drums purchased by GO following an appeal from members of the band! Thanks to a sponsor, GO was able to arrange the purchase and delivery of the drums to the school, earlier this week.

Be sure to cheer the DGH contingent as they march and give the salute at the Independence Day parade!

Fife & Drum.jpeg

Hornell Block (Senior Classrooms) Refurbishments completed!

GO's 'Adopt a Classroom' Project Team, working closely with the DGH Workshop, have announced the completion of the refurbishment of the senior classrooms.. The refurbishments have been completed on time and within budget. The team have sent some images of the refurbishment work - Click here to view.

If you are interested in supporting the project financially or through provision of resources or indeed, by sharing your skills please contact the team for information.

Adopt a Classroom Update - March, 2022.

With your generous donations, GO was able to fully fund the refurbishment and upgrade of 12 Classrooms in the Junior Block. The work is now complete and the final cost of the Phase 1 project is estimated at ₹ 25.3 lakhs. A summary of the cost is attached here.

GO is progressing the Phase 2 programme of refurbishing and upgrading 10 classrooms in the senior block. Total cost of the Phase 2 project is estimated at ₹ 29 lakhs and is expected to start end April. Funds raised for Phase 2 currently stands at ₹ 22.2 lakhs. The shortfall in the budget needs to be covered, and once again, we appeal to the OGBs and supporters to dig deep and donate generously. For more information about the costs and how to donate, please download the following document.



THANK YOU, ALISTAIR McCABE !  GO Adopt a Classroom Project Update.


In November, the GO Classroom Project on the Junior School (Queen Mary block) was temporarily suspended as the state of the roof was worse than had been anticipated and repairs had to be made first before any classroom work. The increase in the work scope was substantially higher and the estimated cost well above GO’s allocated budget. An appeal for more funds was lodged by GO immediately. Fortunately, a generous benefactor and a friend of the Homes stepped in with a donation of UK £9,000! Alistair McCabe from the McCabe Educational Trust UK (MET) contacted GO and transferred the funds allowing the work to commence immediately. In addition to his interests in the Homes (Alistair was born at the Homes in the 50’s, when his father was the Farm Estate Manager), Alistair’s family have supported and run schools for needy children in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. He was also a former Trustee of the UK Committee, sponsors children at the Homes and has been a dear friend of GO since its inception.


The GO Committee and the OGB Community would like to thank Alistair and MET for his very generous donation.

  • Classroom 6a Refurbished ! 


  • GO Management Committee Elections - Update.

Call for expressions of interest to be nominated on to the Global GGB Association (GO) Committee closed on 15 August 2021. At the time of closing – 2 written Nominations were received.

The GO Committee met on 21 August 2021 to review and validated the nominations. Following discussion and an update on the 2 candidates, the GO Committee was pleased to support their Nominations.

Rashmi Kabra from New Delhi and Nannette Nayyar (Gomes) from Kolkata will be invited to attend a GO Committee induction meeting in September 2021 and will, formally, join the Committee in October 2021. The current GO Management Committee is listed here.​​

  • Namaste 2021 !


OGB Shradha, an ex student from Dr Graham’s Homes, has produced a beautiful greeting to usher in 2021 ! The essence of this musical project highlights the greeting ‘Namaste’ and unites the world visually in a heart-warming video that features a mosaic of people from over 35 countries. The final message at the end of the video is a message from our own GO's Committee member Thuten Kesang.

  • GO Representation on the DGH BOM

A key objective of the GO founders was to position an OGB, representing the views of GO and its members, on the DGH Board of Manaement (BOM). GO was therefore delighted to nominate Pauline Sapphire-Singh (nee Brooks) following an invitation from the new BOM President, in October. GO is proud of its achievement and congratulates Pauline on her historic appointment.


Many former sponsored OGBs will know of Aunty Baker and her close work with the Overseas Committees to place needy Kolkata anglo-Indian children at the Homes. For her services as a caregiver to underprivileged children, she has been awarded "The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence - 2020.

























The following is a congratulatory letter from the GO Chairman:

"Dear Aunty Baker,

On behalf of GO I would like to congratulate you on being given this award. You never bothered about validation or appreciation while doing your work - you just wore your heart on your sleeve for the children, and worked selflessly. Because of you thousands of children now have a future. Without you these children would have been lost to the tragedy of life. You were always compassionate and loving, and strict when you had to be. And everybody loved you... you were a surrogate mother to many children - having held their tiny hands and given them a shot at life. Your love and legacy continues to be cherished and appreciated by thousands of children across the world.

You were a pillar of strength for the school and a beacon of hope for the Anglo-Indian community. Always remember that we love you for the beautiful person that you are - there will never ever be another Aunty Baker!

Big hug and lots of love!


Anirban Bhattacharyya, OGB 1990 (Assam / Fraser)

Chairman, Global OGB Association (GO)

  • The DGH BOM President retires.

Dr. G.R. Hart announced her retirement from the Board of Management on 21st. September, 2020, having completed her 3 year term as President. She has served the BOM since 1995 as a member, Vice President and President. GO wishes Dr Hart well in her retirement and thanks her for her dedicated service to the Homes and for her support of GO.


joint letter from the GO Chairman and Patron was sent to Dr. Hart acknowledging her service to the Homes.. 

  • Online Classes at the Homes back on.

The following is a message from the GO Chairman.

he Homes Teachers have resumed online classes following a six week break due to a dispute with the Homes Management over a 6th pay commissions increase. Settlement discussions are ongoing.

The dispute has led to negative publicity of the Homes and caused alarm amongst the OGB’s. However, contrary to rumours and fear mongering by certain individuals, the school is not about to be shut down nor are there plans by the BOM to close the Homes. The alarm appears to have been generated by individuals misrepresenting a statement in the BOM letter to the Teachers dated August 27th 2020 “Through great difficulty we will pay the 50% of the existing salary due to the staff. Should the teachers not resume their online classes and continue to insist on an unreasonable demand, which is just not possible, then this will lead to an unwanted shutting down of the school".

As Chairman of GO, an alumni body of some 450+ plus OGBs and Supporters, I’m disappointed at the ‘anonymous’ individuals who have taken it on themselves to generate discord and fear amongst our passionate Homes loving community. The fear has been further exacerbated by the emergence of a poster on Facebook about the school shutting down. Let me remind all OGBs that The Homes has survived 2 World Wars, The Indo-Chinese War, a few earthquakes, 20 years of political agitations and more! The Homes is quite thick-skinned and the legacy of Graham will continue!

In recent weeks, GO has been calling for a settlement of the dispute by speaking to the Homes Management and the Teachers. GO is also aware that a wider, long term solution is necessary to make the Homes sustainable for another century. We have initiated a plan to discuss with the International Committees and the Homes Management, that we hope will lead to a robust improvement plan.

Anirban Bhattacharyya, GO Chairman

  • Is the iconic School gong under threat?

Spandan Manna is a DGH Class 5 student who has created an intelligent school bell at the Innovation Hub Centre at the  Kalimpong Science Centre. Spandan is a day-scholar who comes from a ‘computer’ family. His father, Dr. Manna, is a computer programmer with the computer department of Kalimpong Krishi Vishwavidyala; his mother works at the computer department of the BBA section of Kalimpong College. Spandan is a member of the DGH Science Club which is enrolled with the Innovation Hub of the Kalimpong Science Centre. In this video, Spandan explains his intelligent school ‘bell’. 

Will this bell replace the iconic gong that has hung for a lifetime outside the school office?​​​


Every month GO receives a donation from Kathleen Irving, Irene Harrison, Vanda Campbell (nee Fraser) and Glynis Johnson (nee Pratt). The funds are used to support GO projects. GO would like to thank the ladies for their generous donations and their support and commitment to GO and the Homes.

If you would like to set up a monthly direct debit payment to GO, it is easy to set up using our Enthuse Charity Checkout facility.


The GO Secretary, under the Constitution and Rules of the Global OGB Association,  invites expressions of interest from any GO Member, to nominate a GO member to join the Worldwide Management Committee to fill vacancies. The GO Management Team will confirm the new members at their meeting in September 2020. For further information and nomination form click here.


The Dr Graham's Homes Heal the World Project by the DGH  OGB's premiered on the evening of 15th. July, 2020. 31 OGB's came together virtually ranging from ICSE Batches of 1962 to 2016 , from more than 15 locations across the world, with 4 renowned musicians and singers.

Organised/produced/directed by OGB Danny Khawas it is hoped the event will generate interest in DGH amongst OGBs and supporters and raise funds to support improvements for the kids at the Homes.


Don't forget to check it out and share it with your friends! 


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Like everywhere else in the globe,  the Homes has been affected by the virus.  In the aftermath of the lockdown, instructed by the Indian government, it has had to act quickly to manage the crisis.

Read message from Mr Neil Monteiro, DGH Principal, advising the Homes BOM Chairperson Dr Gillian Rosemary-Hart of the actions taken to-date.


GO 2020 Cottage Renovations, GO’s 4th. annual Winter Project in the Homes  was successfully completed in early February 2020. Improvements were made to Bene, New Thorburn and Elliott plus much needed water tanks were installed. The total project cost was Rs. 7.9 lacs (£9K/US$11K). You can read the final Project Report including a message from the GO Chairman here.

  • BikeforDGH2020 postponed.

Organiser Tenzing Norsang has advised that the much anticipated bike event, scheduled for September 2020, has been postponed due to the Coved-19 pandemic. The Bhutan to Kalimpong ride is now expected to take place in September 2021.


Read Tenzing’s note for further information and acknowledgement of the bike ride participants.

Theo Bakerx.jpg
Junior School block roof replacement in progress !
GO moved into swift action advising the DGH BOM and Bursar and a revised workplan was approved. The project Contractor (Civil Engineer) has outsourced the roofing scope and, along with the Contractor and Bursar, GO representatives have visited vendors and selected the roofing material. At the time of publishing this update, workman have commenced dismantling the old roof. The leaking roof is being replaced by new modern sheets and decor to ensure that the renovated classrooms are protected. Many Thanks to GO members Pauline Sapphire Singh, Sushil Marda, Alfred Khan & Dawn Van Steensel for coordinating this mammoth task. Thanks also to the BOM for giving us access and support and to Russell Framjee who has been helping GO on-ground.  Subject to favourable weather conditions, it is anticipated that the complete roof will be removed and rebuilt by end of January 2022, in time for the start of the new 2022 academic year.

GO Statement 


Recent unsubstantiated allegations, made against the GO Management in the social media, have been strongly condemned by the GO Chairman and the Management have issued the following statement. 

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