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FAQ's - This page contains responses to frequently asked queries from GO Members.

GO responses related to questions about:

GO Elections Process;
Appointments of the GO Committee;

Why does the BOM Chairman not respond directly to queries raised by OGBs?

(Summary message from the Chair BOM as transcribed from an email from Shane in Oct 2020).


“The Chair of the BOM uses GO to be the medium for communication between OGBs and the BOM. OGBs have a role to play through GO, a rep of whom is on the BOM.  GO is the official body of OGBs who have an important stake in the management of the Homes. As Chairman of the BOM I am at liberty and obliged to respond to members of the BOM. Any well meaning OGB, and I am sure there are many, are most welcome to raise or point out concerns through GO. These concerns can be raised at the correct platform at relevant Board meetings. I cannot respond to all well meaning OGBs who write independently asking for clarifications, seeking information or raising concerns.” 

Storage of the Katherine Memorial Church Pews removed during the renovation of the Church. 


(GO Chairman response to email query from OGB).

46 pews are stored in the Greenhouse and 17 more in the Chapel.  Both locations are in perfect condition. The pews in the Gallery section have not been touched - they are intact in their original location. In addition there are some pews still inside the Church premises. The flooring of the chapel is Sal wood, not teak. Timber that is 70% rotten has been stored in the Centenary Cottage.

Note: The Chapel restoration is being funded and managed by the West Bengal Heritage Commission, working closely with the Homes Management.

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