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Are you organising an event, a batch re-union or a project that involves the Homes or the DGH Alumni? GO can promote it on this website and via its membership mailing list. Contact Us with details.


BIKE FOR DGH - September 2022

Kathmandu, Nepal to DGH Kalimpong, India!

Ride and fundraise with us - make a difference. Empower the next generation of Grahamite's to continue the legacy of our founder, John Anderson Graham. This ride is not exclusively for alumni only. Any cyclist that is looking for an adventure and love seeing a new place on two wheels is welcome to join us. ​For details visit bike website.

Adopt a Classroom Project !

March 2022 Update.
Click here to read a report and an acknowledgement by GO's Sushil Marda, a key and active member of the Adopt A Classroom project. Alongside is a gallery of images of classrooms project work in progress and the refurbished classrooms, under occupancy!

Classroom 6a Refurbished and delivered !​  

One classroom delivered - 11 more to go!!


Led by Project leader Pauline Sapphire Singh (nee Brooks) a refurbished classroom with new desks, boards and brightly painted walls and floorboards was delivered to the school, fittingly on 24/9/21. GO hopes to deliver another 4 classrooms in the next three weeks! 


We are indebted to the OGB community and friends of Dr. Graham's Homes who donated generously towards the project. 


Images of the refurbished classroom can be found in the gallery page.


Cottage Renovations - WINTER, 2022

It is anticipated that GO will undertake a refurbishment / improvement programme of Heathland and Assam boys cottages in the 2022/23 winter.

Details to be finalised / confirmed. You can view the report from the 2020 programme here.



Heal The World Project

The Dr Graham's Homes Heal the World Project by the DGH  OGB's premiered on the evening of 15th. July, 2020. 31 OGB's came together virtually ranging from ICSE Batches of 1962 to 2016 , from more than 15 locations across the world, with 4 renowned musicians and singers. Organised/produced/directed by OGB Danny Khawas it is hoped the event will generate interest in DGH amongst OGBs and supporters and raise funds to support improvements for the kids at the Homes.

Check it out and share it with your friends. Click to page


GO 2020 Cottage Renovations 


GO 2020 Cottage Renovations, GO’s 4th. annual Winter Project in the Homes  was successfully completed in early February 2020. Under the project leadership of Pauline Sapphire-Singh (nee Brooks), improvements to Bene, New Thorburn and Elliott plus installation of much needed water tanks, were completed in time for the return of children to the new academic year.

Read Project Report


Career Guidance and School Leavers Programme 

GO ran a two day workshop at the Homes to bring awareness to senior sponsored students of i) the challenges they will face in society and ii) to provide them with the necessary guidance & counselling in their career choices.

The workshop was led by GO's Bradley Mawer & Ratnalekha Shetty.


See course programme.


Sports/Games Equipment

One of the first acts GO did was to gift games and sports equipment to Cottages. A study revealed there was very little in the way of sports and games equipment available to students in cottage accommodation.


Participation in these activities generates healthy competition, creates role models and raises self- awareness and effectiveness. The activities supplement the lessons learnt in the classrooms.

Read Report


Computers and Peripherals

GO, jointly with the UK Cttee.  funded the purchase of computers, printers and software at the request of the Homes administration.

Total cost was some Rupees 5.5 lacs.

A list of the purchases here.

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