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presenting .....The Dr. Graham's Homes "Heal the World Project"

Listen to OGBs singing!

Click to see the Video

We hope you are inspired by this beautiful short music project by the OGBs of Dr Graham’s Home, Kalimpong, India. 

If you loved the music .....

please donate generously to the global OGBs association (GO)

(In India donate via: The Northern Grahamites Association, Bank : IDBI Bank Ltd Account No: 1670102000003407 IFSC Code : IBKL0001670 Branch : Vasant Kunj - New Delhi).

If you want to sponsor a child at the Homes, please visit the UK Cttee. page


for more information about click Dr Graham's Homes, Kalimpong, India.


Vision Note from the Project Director 


Read about how this project came about, the Vision and the Production Process 


The Inspire Art & Music Team: 


Project Directors - Danny & Malathi Khawas 

Music arrangement by Joshua Peter 

Choir parts & arrangement by Shane Saviel, former Choir Master, DGH 

Mixing and Mastering by David James 

Film Compilation and Editing by Christopher & Mary Peter, Filmseverafter 


Shane William Saviel 

Ben Westley 

Dichen Meghna Lama 

Danny Khawas 

Alex D Daimari 

Quinton Doll 

Trevis Dennis 

Yazim Bhutia 

George Ross 

Warwick Roberts 

Nicole Urvi Saviel 

Luke Alistair 

Anirban Bhattacharya 

June Mendez (McNicol/Monnier) 

Desmond Arthur Meyers 

Andrew Mccrahan 

Clive Smith 

Claire Smith 

Christina Graham

Artists Featured: 

Naveen Thomas on Lead Guitar (The Raghu Dixit Project/Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip) Wilson Kenneth Suchitha on Bass (Armaan Malik, Darshan Raval, Shirley ) 

Tipriti K Bangar, Lead vocals (Soulmate) 

Joshua Peter on Keys (Singer & Music Producer)

Dan Thomas on Drums (Delhi Based Session Drummer) 


Ivy Vincent 

Margaretta Purtills 

Melroy Sharpe 

Tenzing Norsang 

Peter Baker 

Kenza Foning 

Pauline Brooks 

Gavin Greenway 

Clayton Conway 

Rizwan Ghani 

Johann Palmer

Sponsors who made this possible: 

Inspire (Main Sponsor) 

Danny Khawas 

Andrew Mccrahan 

Melroy Sharpe 

Rizwan Ghani 

Children singers: 

Adelle Vincent 

Amelia Alavya Sharpe 

Keziah Diana Khawas 

Angela Selina Khawas 

Malachi John Khawas 


Sources for video footage: 

The UK Committee, Dr Graham's Homes 

Anirban Bhattacharya 

The Global OGBs Association 

Ben Westley 

Youtube user Gypsyqueen 

Original by Michael Jackson

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