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GO Constitution

GO Modus Operandi



The GO concept is unique. GO membership encompasses former students, teachers, staff and friends and supporters of Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, worldwide. It is set up as a standalone organisation that seeks to represent the views of OGB’s globally and be their source of information and communication with the Homes and the Homes governing bodies including the BOM and the Overseas Committees.

In addition to being a platform for contact and communication, GO seeks to work closely with its membership to provide support to the Homes.


  • To provide a platform for the alumni to communicate, meet and arrange activities to foster growth and support the Homes.

  • To further ties between the students, the Homes staff and the Alumni and organise reunions and get- togethers.

  • To encourage the younger generation of OGBs to actively support the Homes to ensure continuity of the legacy of its founder, Dr. JA Graham.

  • To foster a working relationship with the Board of Management, Local Advisory Committee, the International Overseas Committees and OGB associations, in support of the betterment of the Homes.

  • To promote GO as a secure and robust organisation so it can be entrusted to receive funds and legacies in its support of the Homes.

GO Management Team 
  1. Anirban Bhattacharyya – Chairmain              - Mumbai, India     

  2. Thuten Kesang - Member                                 - Auckland, New Zealand    

  3. George Borthwick - Member                           - Wellington, New Zealand

  4. Alfred Khan - Vice Chair./Treasurer                - Kolkota, India     

  5. Pauline Singh - GO Rep on the BOM             - New Delhi, India          

  6. Tenzing Norzang – Member                             - Minneapolis USA 

  7. Vanda Fraser – Member                                     - Scotland UK        

  8. Sushil Marda - Member                                     - Siliguri, India      

  9. Danny Khawas – Member                                 - New Delhi, India     

  10. Dawn Van Steensel – Secretary                       - Sydney, Australia

  11. Dr. Bernard Trench-Lyngdoh - Member       - Shillong, India

  12. Garth Mitchell, Member                                    - Dubai, UAE

  13. Babita Chakravarty                                             - New Delhi, India

  14. Sankasubba Roy                                                  - Dubai, UAE

        GO PATRON (Co-Founder) - Ken Hammond, Aberdeen, Scotland                                                               

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