• George Harrop - R.I.P

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of George Harrop, an OGB George was a Homes boarder (Scottish Canadian) who, following his education at the Homes, joined the Homes staff as a Cashier and later with his OGB wife Rosie, looked after the boys at Elliott and Heathland cottages. He died of chest pains as he was rushed to the hospital. ​George was 55 years old and leaves behind his wife Rosalind and elder sisters Jean and Florence. GO offers its deepest condolences to his family.

Below are a few words written by his friends:

"The one cottage that I visited regularly was Heathland. You walked in and you'd hear Aunty Rosie screaming at Uncle George about some chore that he forgot to do. He'd smile and laugh it off and then proceed to welcome you. He always rolled his own cigarette and started his 8:00 PM and 7:00 pm (If you know you know). He called all the Healthland boys Blinking Blighters, sang to them his own rendition of raindrops keep falling on my head and ALWAYS bailed everyone out of trouble. No matter what part of the day or night I visited Healthland, I was always given a full meal to eat and was looked after well. When I first went back after I graduated, he hugged me and said "chalo now you're old enough, have a beer with me".  We opened a Budweiser each, said cheers and drank. Aunty Rosie was laughing away because she couldn't believe that I was now drinking with Uncle George. He always had a smile on his face, he remembered everything about you. And they both called me their Heathland Girl! I hope you're at peace wherever you are. Raindrops will never be the same. And like you'd say, they'll always fall on my nut!" - Nicole Urvi, Batch of 2011.

"George came into DGH as a little child. I met up with him in the year 1974 in Scottish Canadian Cottage. He was such a gentle soul and one of the only guys who never bullied a single child in Scottish. Thereafter he went of to Fraser Hostel. He left the Homes and pursued his higher education. He returned back to the Homes as a bachelor and joined the main office as an assistant cashier. He then married Rosalind, an OGB, in the year 1991, took over Elliott cottage and thereafter took over Heathland Cottage where he stayed for almost 18 odd years. He spent his whole life in the Homes. His loss is devastating for all those Elliott and Heathland boys that came under his wings. God bless his soul." - Shane Saviel, his cottage mate

  • Rinchin Bhutia - R.I.P


Rinchin passed away on 7th. August at the young age of 51. He was much loved at the Homes and was a familiar ​face on the campus. He was the eldest son of the famous Loshay from Tibet, a fierce khamba warrior who helped an Australian family escape from Tibet during the Chinese occupation. Later he settled in Dr.Grahams Homes and worked in the bakery until his retirement. GO offer their deepest condolences to his family.

Rinchen Bhutia was the eldest of 10 siblings. Jovial in nature, Rinchin studied at the SUMI school and later joined Dr. Grahams Homes like his father and served in the capacity of security supervisor. He loved the Homes dearly and the school kids in particular and assisted parents, often providing assurance on their child's well being. He is survived by one son Sonam Bhutia.

Below is a drawing by Class 2 student Shinjini Mallick when she heard about his passing. The photo is also of her with the late Rinchen. GO offer its deepest condolences to his family.

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