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The infrastructure in the Homes is old and many of the cottages and classrooms, first opened over a century ago, need modernisation and refurbishment.. 

Annually, GO organises a 4-6 week long Cottage refurbishment / maintenance programme over winter. OGBs/Supporters volunteer their time and skills and during the programme, live on the campus. We welcome all skilled/unskilled volunteers to join us this winter. Contact us for further information.


For many students, the Homes has been their home from an early age. They spend some 10 months every year in the sheltered confines of a school far removed from their cities of birth. Contact with the ‘real’ world is minimal and it is no surprise that many of the boarders find difficulty in getting to grips with the real world when they finish their studies and leave to find jobs or continue with their education in colleges.


Can you help these young students to re-assimilate in cities like Kolkata? 



Famous OGBs have included educators, artists, sportsmen and musicians! The school is proud to have produced the first two Prime Ministers of Bhutan! Do you have skills that can help the students and the school? Are there any academics, magnates or corporation chiefs that can offer a wee bit of their worldly experience and time to the Homes kids?


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