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Richardsons Collection

These photos are from the collection of Paul Richardson - He writes “This is a set of photos taken by my Mother, Beryl Richardson, when she worked in India for about 4 years in the 1950s before she met my Father. Most of them are taken at the orphanage where she worked as a 'Mother' to 30 children at a time. The orphanage was called Dr. Graham's Homes and was in Kalimpong near Darjeeling in North Eastern India. 

For me they are a beautiful evocation of bygone era, and a tribute to the bravery and hard work that my Mother showed. For those of you who can only remember her as an elderly lady, it will put her in a new light.

I must say a big THANK YOU to Tracey Clayton for digitising these pictures so expertly from the original slides."

Class 6a Refurbished by GO! First of the 'Adopt a Classroom Projects'. Project led by Pauline Sapphire Sing (nee Brooks) and opened by Mrs Pempa Hishey on 24/9/21.

Class 6a
Refurbished Senior Block of Classrooms!
Hornell Block

In Memory of Thuten Kesang 1944 - 2021

Thuten Kesang

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